If we talk about why a mobile application is necessary for business, the answer is the same – as a marketing tool. The application is not just a newfangled trick that companies use, but a tool that can help businesses sell more goods and services and attract customers.

Here at Los Angeles Stay, we believe the marketing task of any business is not just to promote the business and distribute branded content, but to increase sales, profit by attracting new customers and interaction with existing customers.

And all the actions aimed at the implementation of marketing tasks, do not do without modern online technologies. Mobile application is one of the marketing tools, with the help of which you can significantly reduce the company’s advertising costs.

Using mobile applications as a marketing tool:

Before carrying out marketing campaigns using mobile applications, it is important to understand what the purpose of the business is – to attract users to the application and transfer them to new customers of the company, resell existing customers or build customer loyalty to the company through well-structured communication.

If the company’s goal is to attract new users to the application, it is possible to start by offering a bonus to customers for installing the mobile application. If it is a travel agency, it is possible to offer a 10% discount on a trip, if it is a beauty salon, you can make a 50% discount on any service in the company.

It is also possible to use loyalty programs to increase the number of mobile application installations, i.e. to advertise the bonus that customers receive under the loyalty program.

Thus, clients will not only download and install the application, but will also start using the services of the company. An example of such advertising: “Do you want to spend time with your friends over a cup of coffee in our cafe for free?

Install our mobile application, participate in the loyalty program and get every 5th cup of coffee for free! Such promotions are not worth anything to the companies, but attract a lot of attention to them, new customers, and, most importantly, help to make sales.

And for the clients it is interesting new promotions, which replace the usual bonus cards.

If the business aims to constantly interact with customers by sending push notifications and thus to form loyalty to the company, then it is necessary to periodically send messages with built-in links to the tabs of the application, so that customers come into the interface of the mobile application, read the information, learn the company’s offers.

It should be noted that the application should be truly useful for customers, not just a means of receiving promotional messages.

You can send messages not to inform customers about promotions, new products and discounts, you can tell about your products, employees, company news and unobtrusively remind them of the products and services offered. It is necessary to give users useful content.

Geo-targeting in Push notifications gives you an amazing opportunity to send messages only to those users who are in the right place. It is possible to allocate on a map a place of placing of business (office, cafe, car wash) and to send push-notifications to those clients who appear in this area.

Just imagine, you walk past a clothing store and get a message that only today 50% discount on any item, and since you are close by, you should go to the store right now, before your personal discount burns down.

Or you walk past the restaurant, and through the application you receive a message that the restaurant table is free for you and will stay for another 30 minutes. Powerful? Definitely.

Such promotions can not only inspire the trust of customers in the company, but also tie them to the business for a long time. Because clients will get used to getting good advice, interesting content and start building effective relationships with the company, there will be trust.

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