In this article we will understand what a marketing campaign is in modern market conditions. Let’s answer the questions: why do we need a marketing strategy, how the use of marketing tools will help promote your company, what practical results will be achieved?

The material will be useful to all business owners, beginners and practitioners of marketing, promotion specialists.

What is a “marketing campaign” and why is it needed?

The concept of marketing has become a part of our life, we can say with certainty that the use of marketing tools has become a prerequisite for the successful development of business. Literally, “marketing” is translated from English as “market activity”, that is, a set of actions to provide and promote a product or brand in the market.

To understand the essence of marketing, it is necessary to remember its main tasks. And this is nothing more than satisfying the needs of a particular audience, identifying its “pain” and offering the best way to solve the problem.

The highest skill of marketing is not only the analysis and identification of needs, but also the creation of new ones, which are effectively solved with the help of the company’s products. This strategy is successfully demonstrated by the world’s largest corporations, such as Apple.

As an example, we can consider the history of creation of “smart watches” Apple Watch. It would seem that there were no prerequisites for the development of such a gadget, but the experts of the company came to the conclusion that the lightweight handheld device, which is constantly in the hand – will be a new trend.

This is how the brand’s product appeared, which turned people’s perception of convenience and ease of communication upside down.

Her Majesty’s audience

When we talk about marketing, we put a clear segmentation of the consumer audience first. In other words, who are the potential customers of our product, what are their needs? In a business environment, the term “leader” is often used, which literally means a need that needs to be met.

Therefore, at the very beginning of marketing activities, it is necessary to clearly define what needs to be met. Lead segmentation is a systematic study of the consumer market, data collection, portraying our audience, and finding answers – how can we help solve its problem?

How can we segregate leads (needs)? We will be assisted in this by a comprehensive audience analysis, careful information collection, and feedback. The most effective ways to achieve our goal are: market research, direct survey of our potential customers’ audience, immersion in their environment and understanding of the specifics of the activity.

In other words, a marketing specialist should put himself in the place of the client, determine what difficulties and “pains” he is experiencing, in satisfaction of what urgent needs he needs.

Optimal communication tools, choice of communication channels

In the conditions of the modern development of society, the emergence of new channels of communication with the audience – there is a need to find the best tools of interaction.

Whereas in the past, brand communication with people was carried out through direct communication (so-called “sarafan radio”) and direct advertising, nowadays the opportunities have expanded considerably.

This was made possible by the development of the media sphere, universal access to the Internet, and the emergence of various social networks and messengers. When we talk about communication channels, we mean the most effective ways to deliver our message to the audience.

The choice of communication channels is the most important task, as it determines the optimization of the efforts made in relation to the result obtained (the so-called KPI).

Depending on the area of activity, the product being promoted, geographical, national characteristics, etc., these are the main channels of communication with the audience:

  • WEB marketing. Creation and promotion in the Internet “representation” of the company: corporate website, landing pages, blogs, sections of questions and answers, PPC advertising, training sites, etc;
  • SMM marketing. Communication with the audience through social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram). Creation of brand pages in social networks, direct communication on interests, publication and promotion of information and news about the company’s activities, creation of “hips” materials;
  • Direct advertising (ATL). Use of various advertising media for contact with the consumer;
  • The principle of human-to-man (BTL) communication. This category includes promotions, participation in specialized events, direct presence in places of potential customers’ gathering. This type of marketing activity implies direct communication of the company’s representative with the consumer;
  • Mass media (mass media). Creation of info-guides for publication in the press, cooperation with publications, placement of PR, image articles, interviews, etc;
  • Direct marketing. Communication with users through direct mailing of offers, company news, cases, information about promotions;
  • Unconventional marketing. In some cases, non-standard solutions, such as, for example, “virus” or “guerrilla marketing” can be effective.

Secrets of successful strategy content

One of the important conditions for successful marketing activities is to build an effective content strategy. Bill Gates also said that “the content king”. According to modern research, it has been established that 82% of top marketers believe that quality content is the main factor in the effective promotion of the product.

Indeed, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of quality content in building relationships with the audience. In this case, the Strugatsky brothers’ assertion that “You should either write about what you know very well or what no one else knows.

What is content and how do you build a strategy for creating it? By content, we mean any text, graphics, audio and video material about a company, its products and solutions. The underlying principles in creating content must remain the validity and usefulness of the information to the audience. And when developing content, we must consider the strategy:

  • The interests of our audience;
  • Communication channels used;
  • Format of materials;
  • Stylistics of information presentation;
  • Structured and easy to understand;
  • The sequence of publications;
  • Relevance.

Multi-channel communications – a new trend in marketing?

The way to combine all communication channels into one platform and effectively manage them is called multi-channel marketing. Above we have listed the main tools of interaction with the audience and communication channels.

But it should be noted that each of them separately is not able to reach the entire audience. The secret of a successful marketing campaign is in a comprehensive approach. In other words, the effectiveness of the campaign lies in the systematic use of all possible tools of interaction.

It should be noted that in our country multi-channel marketing has not received proper distribution, although it is successfully practiced in the West.

First of all, it is due to the specifics of the spheres of activity, in which Ukrainian marketing specialists allocate and use only the most effective channels. For example, in the IT sphere it is the Internet, and in the pharmaceutical business – direct advertising.

Another reason is the technical complexity of the projects. After all, different communication channels use different formats of messages and ways to communicate them. But anyway, we can safely say that multi-channel communications significantly increase the coverage of the audience and the conversion of leaders into customers.

And this is a good reason for the introduction of advanced marketing experience in your activities.

Marketing and PR services in Kiev

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