Content marketing for business

With your own business, you realize the importance of content marketing for its development. You are very thorough in the selection of material and work meticulously on writing articles according to the content plan.

Without a doubt, you only publish content of the highest quality. However, you should be aware of the positive impact that content has on your business development.

“Alfa Content has prepared a few tips on what to look for in order to succeed in content marketing.

On the importance of evaluating the results of content marketing

Writing good articles doesn’t mean you understand how they affect your business: don’t you waste your time and resources, or whether your efforts will positively impact your development or better direct them in a different direction.

Undoubtedly, the cost of content marketing is by definition important and necessary. However, only you can determine how much time and money you are willing to spend on it.

Note that the results of content marketing efforts are not always immediately visible. Sometimes it can take three to six months, and sometimes even more. This depends a lot on the industry and the uniqueness of your offer.

In some cases, it may be necessary to “train” the target audience and communicate the value and usefulness of your product to them before any noticeable results can be obtained.

When it’s time to evaluate the results of your efforts, consider the following:

The first step is to determine what (and why) you will evaluate

It is possible to see the results of content marketing, as mentioned above, after some time. Do not give up after the first attempt. For your business to bear fruit, it takes time and effort.

To begin with, identify the business goals you plan to achieve through content marketing (increase sales, increase subscriber engagement, increase brand awareness, etc.) and set the indicators against which you will measure success. For more information on which metrics to choose to evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing, see our article.

Practice shows that despite the complexity of content marketing forecasting, the results of advertising campaigns not only correspond to the planned indicators, but also exceed them. Content marketing activities have a long life cycle, unlike other ways of online advertising. That is why it is important to conduct regular assessments.

Do not wait for a quick return on investment (ROI)

You won’t be able to see an increase in income until after a while. Don’t forget that by gaining the trust of users and creating the image of a market leader or a high-class expert, you will be able to unobtrusively convince the audience to make a targeted action (buy / register / sign up – depends on your product).

The main conditions for success are interesting content that can solve the audience’s problems and its publication on the sites where your potential customer “lives”.

Selection of advertising sites is an art form. We have collected a few recommendations on how to make the right choice.

Recognize the importance of content marketing for business

When developing a content marketing strategy, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives that you plan to achieve with it.

In the absence of a target audience-oriented strategy that takes into account the specifics of the product, placing content even on “live” sites will not add to the effectiveness of the results of the promotion: you will be waiting for some material to “shoot”. The system approach will allow you to predict the results and expect a real effect for the business.

Thus, the description of the portrait of a potential buyer will give an understanding of his needs, and thus the content of the content that will be of maximum interest to him, as well as will allow you to choose the tactics of promotion, that is, to determine the correct marketing channels, the optimal formats of content and the style of communication with the audience.

Remember, you’re not just doing your job for the money.

Your content has a specific purpose, and it’s not about money at all. It’s about how important it is to build a relationship with the user – that’s the secret to success. The content should be filled with stories that should be collected everywhere and then shared with your target audience.

These stories need to resonate with readers, you need to establish an emotional connection with them. This is the only way the reader will stay with you for a long time. This means that you should only present valuable, informative, cognitive, and interesting material that attracts attention.

The more quality content you offer, the stronger your relationship becomes. We have prepared excellent infographics on how to choose the format of content to increase user engagement.


From a business perspective, content creation and publication is not a sufficient measure to achieve success in content marketing. It is also necessary to measure its effectiveness and assess whether content marketing is delivering the expected results on a long-term basis.

You need to prove the value of content, even if its quality is in doubt. For your business, it is critical that content marketing works effectively to achieve commercial goals.